About Us

Face of maritime International (FOMI) is a maritime industry pageantry of international standards which uses role modeling to advocate greater participation of women in maritime careers. FOMI is a brand of Girls Go-To-Sea Campaign Initiative, an NGO championing gender balance in the maritime sector.

Our Objectives

The aims and objectives of FOMI are:


To give meaning to your beauty by helping young ladies discover the true essence of their beauty.


To raise leading young women who are passionate about social impact and are ready to lead by serving


To motivate, uplift and give voice/platform to young ladies who have the courage to stand out as a beauty queen!


FOMI goals are in sync with the goals of Girls Go-To-Sea Campaign Initiative which are built on four pillars, namely:

1. To change the perception that maritime is all for men.

2. To Champion Girls-Go-To-Sea Campaign.

3. To Promote Nigeria’s maritime tourism potentials.

4. To mentor and empower young women in maritime career paths.

1. Perception Changing: FOMI aims to change the wrong public perception that maritime is all for men. A lot of people out there believe that maritime professions and the career opportunities in it are meant for the male folks only. This wrong perception accounts for the low involvement of women in maritime professions.

According to the 2015 research by the International Transport Workers Federation (ITWF), “Only 2% of the world’s maritime workforce is made up of women”. Worried by this fact, FOMI exists to create a massive global awareness to raise the consciousness of women globally about career opportunities available for women in the maritime industry.

To also prove to the public that maritime is not only for men and that what a man can do, a woman can also do, the organisers of Face Of Maritime International adopted a tradition of using FOMI Grand Finale each year to honour and celebrate one outstanding female maritime professional who has distinguished herself in her maritime career. A woman so chosen is honoured as FOMI Role Model Ambassador, and she serves as a mentor and role model to FOMI winners/queens during their one-year reign.

2. Go-To-Sea Campaign: FOMI is in tune with the Go-To- Sea Campaign Initiative launched some years back by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Seeing the dearth of manpower in the seafaring profession, IMO launched the Go-Too – Sea Campaign, and urged member nation’s to encourage their youth to take up careers at sea.

Worried by the fact that only 2% of the world’s Maritime workforce is made up of women, the organisers of Face Of Maritime International aptly decided to launch Girls Go-To-Sea Campaign (GGOTSEC) as the pet-project of Winners of Face Of Maritime International.

GGOTSEC is a catch-them-young campaign project designed to attract, sensitize and encourage secondary school girls to take maritime careers by choosing to study Maritime related courses at their tertiary education level.

This requires the FOMI queens together with other female maritime resource persons to visit secondary schools across the Federation to sensitize and enlighten secondary school girls about different career opportunities for females in the maritime industry.

3. Maritime Tourism Promotion: The tourism aspect of the blue economy seems to have been neglected in Nigeria if not abandoned. FOMI aims to promote Nigeria Maritime tourism potential by organising excursions for interested schools, groups and organisations to visit various maritime tourism centres and facilities in Nigeria. Organising boat or ship cruise programs are areas of maritime tourism potentials that FOMI hopes to explore.

4. Women Mentorship & Empowerment: Above all, FOMI is a Pageant designed to positively affect the lives of young females to enable them to achieve their personal and career dreams. Through the maritime skills Faculty Trainings and the knowledge-based Camping classes organised for the contestants, FOMI participants gain lots of life-changing information and mentoring training designed to empower and position them for success in life endeavours.

FOMI also provides empowerment to the winners by way of scholarship to study short-time maritime courses and by way of Cash Prizes to the queens. Through the support of FOMI sponsors, each year, the winner gets an official car and Five Hundred Thousand Naira (#500,000) cash prize. Whereas the 1st Runner up gets Three Hundred Thousand Naira (#300,000). While the 2nd Runner up gets the sum of Two Hundred Thousand Naira (#200,000). Including other consolation prizes for winners in minor categories.

In-view of this, it’s obvious that the objectives and goals of FOMI are cut out, and are designed to add great values to the development of Nigerian maritime sector in particular and the world at large through gender equality advocacies and campaigns.